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prodripole desiccant poleHaving recently helped out in the promotion of one of our products “ProDriPole” at Protective Packaging I found myself with one of the products and decided to put it to good use.

Being a keen mountain biker for commuting and pleasure it’s not always feasible at the end of the commute to give the bike a good clean, so many times I’ve had to put them away still wet and muddy especially with this year’s “summer!”

Placing a ProDriPole in the area above the bikes I’ve been very pleased with the effect it’s had – no rust, or corrosion has taken place , even when I’ve not manged to clean them for a long period of time. Using the ProDriPole has allowed me to give them a proper clean at a more convenient time.

With Autumn now upon us and more wet weather to come I’ll be looking to order another ProDriPole very soon to avoid any corrosion to the bikes in the coming months.

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