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We’re blogging from Emballage, one of the largest European packaging exhibitions taking place at Villepinte in Paris. After a hectic weekend setting up our stand P090 we’re now ready to welcome our visitors.

During the four day exhibition we shall be exhibiting barrier foil packaging solutions, showing our ability to provide total climatic protection for any product which may deteriorate due to moisture, oxygen and other gas ingress, odour transfer, U.V. light and temperature extremes. Exhibits will range from export packing solutions for the prevention of corrosion of metallic goods, and a wide range of liners for the protection of powders, flakes and granules in the form of round-bottom drum liners, octabin liners, F.I.B.C liners and corrugated and timber box liners, valve sacks and 25kg sacks with de-gassing feature and re-closable pouches through to ISO Container liners showing the bulkhead, filling and discharge design options. All bags and liners are tailor-made to suit the dimensions and style of the outer packaging with no minimum order quantities. Our latest product ProDriPole, developed specifically to protect the contents of ISO 20ft and 40ft containers from the detrimental effects of moisture will also be displayed.

We look forward to offering you a warm welcome to our stand in Hall 6, P090.

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