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There are 4 critical requirements for mould growth – available spores, available food, appropriate temperatures and considerable moisture.
So what is the most effective way of stopping mould growth in its tracks ?

Mould spores are literally everywhere. Trying to control mould through the elimination of mould spores is not feasible.

Almost any substance that contains carbon atoms provides sufficient nutrients to support mould growth. Leather, textiles, wood, cardboard, paper, chemicals,
even soap residue and natural oil based coatings will support the growth of moulds. These materials are commonly found in deep sea exported products and their packaging.

Most moulds grow very well at the same temperatures that humans prefer.  Anyone who has cleaned out their fridge knows that temperatures close to freezing will not prevent mould growth and warmer temperatures, like those of the tropics, will grow abundant quantities of mould. It is not easy to control mould growth through the control of temperature.

Most moulds require the presence of considerable moisture for growth. The vast majority of mould species require relative humidity of at least 70% in their environment.

Of the four basic requirements for mould growth, moisture availability is by far the easiest mould growth requirement to control. But how ?

By enclosing your finished products into hermetically sealed barrier foil bags with the correct amount of desiccant. Protective Packaging Ltd can manufacture and supply your foil bags to bespoke sizes within as little as 24 hours, with no MOQ. We will also be happy to advise on and supply the correct amount of desiccant for each of your shipments and the sealing tool required to close your bags.Barrier foil bag

Where the nature of your export goods do not lend themselves to foil bag protection, we supply Prodripole desiccant poles, to control the humidity level of the entire shipping container in which your goods are travelling. Available from stock, Prodripole is an effective solution to control fungal growth and dampness which can damage your products and their packaging. ProDriPole Desiccant

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