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At Protective Packaging Ltd we pride ourselves in providing the right solution for our Customers needs.

Last week we went to fit a Barrier Foil Bag around a piece of Electrical Switchgear. The bag had been designed with the Customer the week before.

On arrival we set the Foil Bag around the machine and found that the requirements had changed as a Control Box had been left on the outside of the Cabinet instead of taking it off.

Panic !  No,  with the experienced people we have here at Protective Packaging Limited  we were able to re-design the Bag and make a new side panel to accommodate the changes, all carried out whilst still on site.  We then completed the trial to the customer’s satisfaction.

To compliment the Barrier Foil packaging the customer will also be using the following to ensure the pack is protected from every eventuality.

Desiccant to combat the moisture inside the Barrier Bag during storage.

A Screw In Humidity Indicator to view the moisture level inside the bag during storage.

Blue Case Lining to stop the rain water from getting inside the case.

Self Adhesive Cushioning to protect the Foil Bag from being damaged by any timber used inside the case.

Tip N Tell Indicator Foil Bag to see if the case has been tipped over during transit.

Shockwatch Indicator to see if the case has been miss-handled during transit.

Another satisfied customer!


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