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When you hear people say no two phone calls are the same, that is literally the case when you work in the Sales and Customer Support department at Protective Packaging.  I was recently contacted by a customer who had been asked to quote for loading second hand machines into 40 foot containers for export to China. There was no budget for barrier foil bags or cases so could we suggest an option to prevent corrosion.

I asked the customer if he was aware of our ProDriPole container desiccant product. These are specifically designed for use in a partly open environment such as a shipping container and are a low cost and easy to use option. They hang on the container wall and are shaped to fit into the recesses. For a 20ft container you would need 4 – 6 poles and for a 40ft container 6 – 12 poles dependant upon the nature of the cargo and the length of the sea voyage

The customer was extremely happy with our solution and I was happy to move onto the next interesting but very different request.

Caroline Davies
Strategic Sales Executive


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