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Protective Packaging will supply you with an aluminium foil for hydroponic applications that is one of the best on the market. However we have not arrived at this position because we have passed our GCSE in boasting or have had a fortunate accident. It has been achieved by an understanding of the following properties that are essential for successful results:

• The foil must be opaque so that all of the incident radiation is reflected to your plants, not through it to the roof and beyond. Amazingly not all foils in the market obey this basic requirement.
• It must reflect light diffusely so that all of your plants are subjected to an equal amount of radiation. Under no circumstances must it reflect light directionally (like a mirror) so that some plants are burned in the process.
• It must reflect a maximum amount of his light and radiant heat (infrared) across the visible and near infrared spectrum. A Protective Packaging foil is one of the market leaders in this respect. It reflects 98% of visible and near IR radiation. The reflectance spectra of foil surfaces, which to the naked eye look the same, can vary significantly. Thanks are due in this respect to the assistance that we have received from a renowned University in our area for the provision of an excellent photometric measurement service.
• Other important barrier properties of aluminium foil laminates, against moisture, odours, etc. must not be impaired.
• It must be competitive

If you require a foil that will satisfy the above attributes, talk to us

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