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Do you produce or manufacture atmospherically-sensitive products and use Drums or Pails during your processing?  They are a popular solution for the packaging of adhesives and sealants, particularly reactive hot melts, speciality chemicals, colorants, pharmaceuticals, plastic resins and compounds.

Some of these applications can create cleanliness issues and contamination during processing meaning that your company has to either dispose of the Drums or Pails securely or for them to be sterilised before they are reused which both have associated costs. As well as this many drums or pails do not protect your products from Moisture or Oxygen Ingress. Because of this, we introduced the manufacture of Aluminium Barrier Foil Drum Liners.

Round-Bottom Drum and Pail Liners act like flexible steel cans and can be manufactured to suit all sizes of Pails and Drums to ensure complete climatic protection due to the Aluminium Barrier Foil material.

What are the benefits of Round-Bottom Drum & Pail Liners?

  • Allows Drum reusability and Drum cleanliness
  • Provides the possibility to downgrade your drums to fibre or corrugate
  • Product waste is reduced as liner strips easily away from the products
  • Suitable for hot-fill products up to 160°C
  • Food Contact Approved and Static Dissipative Materials Available
  • Maintains the product’s moisture content and eliminates the need to
  • re-dry prior to further processing

Round-Bottom Drum Liner


Round Bottom Drum and Pail liners manufactured out of Aluminium Barrier Foil can offer your company cost-effective solutions to the packing  and shipping of your moisture sensitive applications.



If you would like any further information on this product range or our service then please contact us through our contact page here.

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