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Here at Protective Packaging we take health and safety very seriously. Mr John Budden will vouch for that I am sure, as he is the health and safety officer. Every Friday Mr Budden travels round to all the different departments and does his very famous Alaaaarm test voice to let us all know it is time to check the alarms. We also have a yearly ‘proper’ alarm test, where the alarms are randomly set off and we all have to exit via the fire exit doors and go to the fire assembly point which is based in our car park. A register is then taken to make sure we are all there and everything is A ok.

Another safety issue we put in place a couple of years ago was the ‘yellow brick road’ basically we are not allowed to cross the yard without a yellow vest, and so a yellow path has been put into place for us to walk safely around the yard without coming into contact with any truck drivers which may be loading/unloads goods at the time.

We consider ourselves to be protected with health and safety here at Protective Packaging, and for that we thank Mr John Budden for putting the appropriate changes into place.

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