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November 2011 is proving to be the warmest November since records began. November is also a special month for me as it is my birthday. This makes me think of accounting records “in my day”.

Being an older member of PPL, I remember when technology was none existent. The outcome and the method for accounts was always the same – money out / money in. How we got there took much longer and needed many more team players.

Perhaps the introduction to work from my first employer put me in good stead for the years spent employed in various industries. My first job from school at the splendid age of 16 was a grounding better to none. It has kept me focused even when “the job” wasn’t all I wanted. The rewards are a “pay packet” at the end of the week/month – this is always worthy of dedication to the job.

Turning the digits round at 61, I still feel we, as an older generation, cannot be written off.


  1. Just to update my blog on the PPL team. I only mentioned the length of service but, as Pauline has blogged her age, here are the ages for the team:

    We have 12 over 20, 21 over 30, 12 over 40, 11 over 50 and 6 over 60.

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