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Alufoil Trophy 2012A remarkable survival product, which makes drinking water from almost anything containing moisture, has been awarded an Alufoil Trophy 2012 for Technical Innovation. The Survivastill solar still, has been manufactured by Protective Packaging Limited on behalf of the inventor and is used for the aid industry, military, outdoor pursuits and life raft sectors.

“The judges agreed this was a really innovative and potentially life-saving product which relies on alufoil to trap heat in order to distil drinking water from an amazing variety of sources. As a piece of innovation technology it is outstanding, while its potential uses are clearly of major benefit in many extreme or disaster situations,” explained head judge Antoinette Devine, global packaging consultant to SABMiller.

The still can produce up to 2 litres of drinking water per day from salt water, contaminated water, urine, wet soil or even vegetation such as moss, grass or leaves – in fact almost anything with moisture content.

It operates by trapping heat from the sun within an inflated chamber where the alufoil sheeting reflects the sun’s rays back into the chamber to increase the internal temperature of the distilling reservoir. The efficiency and output of the process is greatly improved by the sheeting.

The alufoil offers four essential properties to the success of the still: resistance to permeation or leakage; reflectivity for signalling location; radar reflectivity to assist location finders; and heat reflectivity (radiant heat from the sun) to create the right environment for water evaporation. Even in extreme cold the Survivastill can be used as a personal protection sheet against the onset of hypothermia.

Simon Jolly, Director at Protective Packaging stated, “Once again we are delighted to be awarded an Alufoil Trophy for Technical Innovation. The Survivastill project was an unusual and challenging development which confirms our ability to constantly manufacture new and innovative applications and support our clients manufacturing requirements.”

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