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After four happy years at Protective Packaging Ltd – I have now reached the last remaining days of my working life and will be retiring.

As a member of the Accounts Team, I recognised  just how much accuracy, reliability  and  hard  work  are vital – and alongside the Customer Support Team and Quality Department I have  appreciated the need for courtesy, co operation and care – all essential ingredients to promote the ongoing and future  success of this vibrant company.

Learning about the products, not only our foil bags, and their applications also brought further understanding – I know, for example, how the exact amount of desiccant can maintain the wellbeing of products and their care in transit and storage.

I had always realised how important it is to measure properly – so that the customer’s precise requirements can be satisfied – and I have observed how meticulously our operatives strive to ensure that our finished products meet all required specifications.

I have seen, first hand, how the Quality Department always inspect our goods upon arrival, checking that their condition, during shipment, had not been compromised. Then, the regular inspection of finished products and workmanship provide for confidence for our current and future customers.

The IT Department has indeed always amazed me – in that problems can be identified, sourced and resolved within a very short time.  Research into more efficient systems is constant, and new methods are regularly introduced to enhance flexibility, as streamlined procedures can release valuable time.

And for me, Management, staff and all colleagues have been wonderfully protective –

Finally, it has been a great experience to be part of the Protective Packaging TeamProtective Packaging blog – thanks for having me –

Good Luck for the future – you deserve it.


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  1. Well done my good and faithful – may you enjoy your retirement as much as I’ve enjoyed mine.

    You had better get that problem on your shoulder sorted out ASAP it looks like it has come from the movie “THE HAND”.

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