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3D Barrier Foil LinerOdour transfer from packed food based products can attract all kinds of unwanted problems.
Flexible barrier foil bags and liners provide a means of containing odour and maintaining flavours as they were intended to be.

For instance shipping a mixture of flavoured and plain teas abroad is now possible without one tainting the taste of another, by using a hermetically sealed barrier foil cover and base sheet on pallets of flavoured teas, thereby protecting pallets of non-flavoured teas in the same container from taste taint.

We even supply barrier foil liners for corn based poison pest bait travelling to warm climates. Polyethylene and similar low barrier films allow the corn aroma to escape, attracting unwanted herbivorous pests such as weevils which can attack such films, infiltrate the product and destroy it. Changing to barrier foil liners completely prevents the initial insect attraction by containing the product odour. Even if the pest somehow knew there was ‘food’ in the liners, it could never succesfully invade them due to the aluminium layer in the foil laminate forming a impenetrable barrier to insect infestation.

Odours and flavours kept in, pests kept out, with one easy solution.

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