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Back in November 2011, we blogged about 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group and their initial reaction to our container desiccant, ProDriPole. At that point the poles had been in place for 3 months and the Group Scout Leader let us know that they were working well in protecting their canvas tents and equipment during storage. However, the true test of winter was yet to come!

Last month, we heard from the Scouts again. With camping season back in swing (in spite of our typical British summer!) the canvas tents and equipment were out of storage and in use. The Group Scout Leader told us:

“We had a fantastic weekend on our annual summer camp. This gave us the ideal opportunity to inspect our equipment and our canvas tents. I’m pleased to say they are in very good condition and show no signs of dampness from being inside our container at all and this is thanks to the ProDriPoles working so well. I fear that if we hadn’t discovered your product they would of most certainly been in a more sorrowful state.

We are all totally amazed at how well they have lasted and performed over the last 10 months and have recommended them to many other groups that store their belongings in containers as ProDriPole is the ideal solution.”

Protective Packaging is delighted that the desiccant pole has worked so well for the Scouts and was happy to supply the Group with another 8 poles for autumn and winter 2012. We look forward to working with 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group again in the future.

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