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Getting married is classed as one of the top ten occasions considered as a milestone in a persons life. The wedding day is very important to every man and woman; this is your special day that is about you and your partner entering a new life together, in partnership.

For the women, the wedding dress is a massively important part of the wedding day. Poring through countless bridal magazines and trying on countless gowns, you finally find the ONE. Your husband was overcome with emotion, your Mother cried and your friends showered you with compliments on your big day. Your dress is stunning, but what do you do with it now?

Our Sales Director for France and Spain, Jean-Pascal and his wife decided to save the dress as a keepsake but wanted to preserve its original condition. This decision lead Jean-Pascal on to having a PPCC8 flat bag made to fit the wedding dress which will ensure that the original condition of the dress will be preserved for many years.

Wedding Dress Stored in Barrier Foil

PPCC8 is a combination of two of Protective Packaging Ltd’s Barrier Foil Laminate Materials. One side of the bag is manufactured from PPCC1 whilst the other side is manufactured from PP008.

PPCC1, offers the advantage of being transparent which means that it is possible to have a look at the dress at any time without having to open the bag.

PPCC1 whilst being a transparent material also gives a much better humidity barrier protection (0.2gr/m2/24h) than a normal PE layer as the polyester is reverse coated with a layer of PVDC. As the material is made of a layer of Polyester & a layer of PE it is therefore possible to heat seal this material to any of our other barrier foil laminates.

PP008, has been chosen for its layer of aluminium which will give the dress excellent protection against humidity. This material is manufactured with cross laminated PE film providing it with strong tear resistance, but on this occasion, we are more interested in the black aspect of the PE which is achieved thanks to carbon black additive which is added to the PE. In that way, the white of the dress stands out on a black background.


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